Plush Home

About Our Upholstery




Plush Home custom pieces are  handcrafted in Los Angeles.  We have been committed to keeping our manufacturing here at home by employing local craftsmen to not only ensure the quality and values of our product, but to also support our national workforce.

All Plush Home upholstery pieces are crafted with the care and detail that has become synonymous with the Plush Home brand. Impeccably tailored stitching combined with luxurious fills, cores, and ties ensures a lasting and classic product whose exceptional comfort and quality levels correspond with their aesthetics.


We offer exquisite cushion options to meet a wide range of needs and budget ranges. Our fill envelopes are made of 100% unbleached cotton, wrapped around fill options ranging from poly fiber to goose feather & down (F&D). A generous down content in our F&D cushions assures lasting comfort.

Poly Fill:  Firm – Hypo allergenic, No F&D, 100% Poly Fiber.

Feather Lite Fill: Medium – Combination of 80% PLUSH Goose F&D, accompanied with 20% Poly Fiber. Offers more loft.

Plush F&D Fill: Soft – 100% Goose F&D (25% down, 75% feathers).

Luxe F&D Fill: Luxuriously Soft – 100% Goose F&D (50% down, 50% feathers).


Nothing is as discriminating as a custom, hand-crafted furniture item. As standard fare, Plush Home offers bespoke furniture to help you achieve the ultimate expression of individuality, style and comfort.

Our custom program offers more than just fabric and finish stain options, each item is individually hand-crafted exclusively to your design, and measurements to ensure a perfect fit for your space.

Whether you require extra drawers for a nightstand, a specific mattress height for a bed, or additional leaves for a dining table, our detailed and painstaking process involves several stages to get it to its final result of being a Plush Home product.

We begin by generating a furniture quote for you based on your specific design. Once the order is placed, our CAD engineers will generate detailed shop renderings for your final approval, prior to commencement of production. Once completed, we continue to oversee your item until final delivery.


Upholstery: approximately 6-8 weeks
Woodwork: approximately 8-10 weeks
Please allow an additional 2-14 days for nationwide shipping
Manufacturing time may be extended for custom orders or fabric delays
Inquire for Rush Order requests